1. Competitors are required to comply with both the general rules of the competition and the terms and conditions of each event.
  2. Universal standards of international competition and basic rules common sense applies, even if not mentioned in this document regulations.
  3. Competitors who are caught cheating during a competition, will be disqualified and prohibited from any future competition INJA.
  4. INJA competitions are open to professional nail stylists graduates or in training, to professional beautycians with a state aesthetic diploma, and to students of aesthetic schools.
  5. The INJA competition offers 4 levels of competition: student, division 1, It is up to the competitors to register in the appropriate level.
  6. For each event, the levels open to competition are specified. The tests are open to those who meet the required requirements and who are correctly recorded.
  7. Competitors must specify the division in which they wish to participate for each event on the registration form.
  8. Competitors must register for the highest division for which they qualify.
  9. Competitors who intentionally register for a division below their level, will be disqualified.
  10. Once the registration procedure has been validated, competitors will no longer be able to change division without the authorization of a senior judge (Head Judge or INJA Supervisor).
  11. Neither INJA nor the organisation of the competition can be considered as responsible if a competitor has made a mistake in the division by registering, he/she it is the candidate's responsibility to inform himself and register correctly in the appropriate division.
  12. INJA and the organization of the competition reserve the right to refuse the participation in any competitor.
  13. Once the registration is registered, the amounts paid by the participant do not are neither refundable nor transferable.
  14. All photos and videos taken by INJA and the exhibition organization Beauty Prof's or its delegated service providers at the Beauty Prof's show site (before, during or after the events including the award ceremony of the prices) are the exclusive property of INJA and the organization of the competition.
  15. Each candidate waives his right to use his image and authorizes expressly INJA and Beauty Prof's to use as they wish all photo or video depicting them, for information or educational purposes communication, on any type of paper or digital medium, including and without this list being exhaustive: website, accounts of social networks managed by the Beauty Profs show organization, groups Facebook managed or not by the organization, Youtube account etc.
  16. Competitors must present themselves with a model and provide it with everything he needs.
  17. Competitors and models must be at least 18 years old for divisions 1, 2 and 3.
  18. Depending on the tests, rules may apply to the models. It is the responsibility of the competitor to check that the model complies with the rules mentioned for the test. The presentation of a non-compliant model may result in the disqualification for the event or a reduction in points.
  19. It is the competitor's responsibility to find out about the specific rules of each test with the organisation of the competition. No competitor shall be allowed to prevail not to know or understand the rules.
  20. Smoking, drinking alcohol and eating inside the field of competition.
  21. The use of any communication equipment including watches connected, mobile phones, tablets and computers, is not allowed on the field of competition, neither for competitors nor for models.
  22. Communication with the outside world is prohibited for competitors during the competition.
  23. Access to the competition area is not allowed to competitors before the opening of each event. In the case where the competitor links two successive tests, he may leave the table ready but must leave the competition scope from the end of the first event to the call for proposals for the start of the next competition.
  24. Each competition will be preceded by a briefing that will begin 15 minutes before the start of the competition. All competitors and models must be present at the briefing.
  25. The official languages for the SWISS 2020 competition are English and French.
  26. All rules of each competition will be read in English and French. Competitors can have their own translator if necessary.
  27. The translator must read the rules to the competitor before the competition.
  28. Access to the competition field is only allowed to competitors and to the models. However, access is granted to translators during the competition if necessary (with the authorization of a judge) and during the briefing.
  29. The competitor is not allowed to touch the model's nails until official start of the competition, and in particular during the briefing.
  30. When the briefing begins, the hands of the models must be placed on the table and the hands of the competitors must be positioned on the legs under the table.
  31. A penalty of 5 points will automatically be applied if the competitor touches the fingernails of the model between the end of the briefing and the beginning of the competition.
  32. The model nails will be checked by the room judge after the briefing to ensure that no applications have been made before the start of the competition.
  33. Competitors are allowed to prepare natural nails before the competition subject to respecting the instructions specific to each test.
  34. In the event that the Chief Judge of the Chamber Judges decides that work unauthorized preparatory work was performed on the model nail before the competition, the competitor will be sanctioned with 5 points out of the final total.
  35. During the briefing, it is allowed to prepare your table by arranging the products and other necessary equipment.
  36. Once the competition has begun, it is not permitted for competitors or models to touch the kits.
  37. All products used during the competition must be labelled clearly and comply with regulations.
  38. Each competitor has a table and two chairs. He must bring manicure equipment, table lamp, adapters if necessary(French type electrical outlet provided), a power strip extension if it must connect several devices, and all the manicure products necessary to the realization of the test.
  39. Each competitor will have at his disposal a 220 V electrical socket. He must ensure that the electrical equipment it uses complies with the swiss grid 220 V.
  40. The use of any device that does not comply with the general rules of safety may be prohibited by the organization (devices with bare wires stripped by example), without the competitor being able to object. In particular, the following are strictly prohibited the devices producing any type of flames and the heating devices.
  41. The competitor is allowed to bring a small trolley that will be used to transport place instruments on top if necessary. The competitor can place the entire necessary in an open box.
  42. It is forbidden to use moulds (plastic support to recreate the shape nail with gel and/or acrylic)
  43. As soon as the judge signals the end of the competition, the competitors must immediately stop what they are doing and raise your hands.
  44. As soon as the judge signals the end of the competition, the model must immediately to stand up and stand for trial.
  45. Competitors who do not stop working on the hands of the model after the end of the competition will receive a penalty of 10 points on the points final.
  46. In order to preserve total anonymity, models with tattoos on the forearms or hands should be covered by an official judge of the competition before being evaluated.
  47. The model must not wear jewellery on hands and wrists.
  48. It is up to the competitor to bring their model into the evaluation era, and to ensure that the model understands that it must be judged by all judges before leaving the competition field.
  49. Models should not leave the evaluation era until all judges have evaluated them completely under penalty of disqualification.
  50. competitors are absolutely not allowed to touch the models one times they are lined up to be judged.
  51. In the event of non-compliance with any of the rules of this Regulation, competitors may be subject to a point reduction if it is provided for by the regulations. Otherwise, a warning will be given. At the second warning, a penalty of up to 5 points will be awarded. On the 3rd floor warning, a disqualification may be issued.
  52. In the event of a tie or disagreement related to the evaluation of points from 1st to 2nd10th place, the main judge will make the final decision.
  53. The decision of the Senior Judge is final.
  54. The evaluation sheet is available to all competitors on request.
  55. In the event that a competition has only 4 participants, the trophy will be awardedonly in first place.
  56. The competition must have a minimum of 3 participants, failing which, the competitor may choose to participate in a higher level division or choose not to participate and obtain a refund for the competition.