1. Living Art is considered a submitted art competition.
  2. All artwork must be applied to an alternative decorative surface. For example: pins, brooches, key holders, plates, phone covers.
  3. The artwork may be no larger than 10cm in height
  4. Artwork shall be attached to a black board or box. Boards and boxes should be no larger than 20x14cm
  5. Competitors may use all nail art mediums.
  6. Competitors must use a minimum of 3 art mediums and techniques. Failure to use 3 will result in a 5 point deduction.
  7. Nail art embellishments such as Rhinestones, pearls, bullion, foil, metal ornaments are allowed
  8. The design shall not change the original use or nature of the base product (decorative surface)
  9. The artwork should be a combination of artistry
  10. The artwork should have all types of artistry of all styles and creativity.
  11. There should be a strong theme presented in the artwork
  12. Total possible point is 110.
  13. The maximum score given for each of the 10 criteria judged for this competition are:
    • Level of difficulty 20pts,
    • Composition 10pts,
    • Balance 10pts,
    • Color Theory 10pts,
    • Continuity of theme 10pts,
    • Graphic Quality 10pts,
    • Clarity of Design 10pts,
    • Originality 10pts,
    • Workmanship 10pts,
    • Media 10pts