The Divisions

Division 1

For competitors who have never placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any "hands-on" or "submitted nail art" internationally recognized competition in Division 1.

Competitors that have taken 2nd or 3rd in Division 1.

For competitors who have placed 1st at any INJA certified competition in STUDENT divisions and still qualify under the rules for students.

Division 2

For competitors who have competed in any "hands-on" or "submitted nail art" Internationnaly recognized competition and have placed in 1st in Division 1 and placed 2nd or 3rd for Division 2

Division 3

For competitors that have placed 1st in any "hands-on" or "submitted nail art" Internationally recognized competition and 1st at any INJA certified competition in division 2 & 3.

For competitors who have won Division 1&2 “Winner of Winners”

And for and competitor, regardless of division who has won “Grand Champion”.