1. Poster is a submitted competition.
  2. The photo must be taken in high resolution
  3. The poster must be printed in A4 format.
  4. The nails photographed must be clearly visible and represent the structure and nail art of the salon.
  5. They must not be long nails.
  6. the nail art that will be performed must be easy and fast to create but the same time original
  7. Only one hand should be photographed, in the foreground so that the work is clearly visible.
  8. Competitors are allowed to use the following nail art media: all types of gel, all types of acrylic, all types of painting (micropainting), enamel. It is also permitted to use nail art decorations such as rhinestones, pearls, precious metals, foils and holographic colours. Chromium and pearl powder colours, all types of nail art created for nails.
  9. No decals are allowed in the competition. Stamping is allowed
  10. The work for this competition will be judged as nail art by salon. The judges expect to see work they would see in a salon. there are no scores for the theme in this competition. It should not have the theme or have a workmanship like a mural or a pictorial style. If the work is too extreme for the salon the judges will lower the maximum score that can take a criterion.
  11. The maximum total score is 100
  12. The criteria judged for this competitions are:
    • difficulty level 20pt, color theory 10pt, creativity 10pt, photo quality 10pt
    • total impression 10pt, graphic quality of the work performed10pt, balance 10pt, final processing 10pt,
    • 10pt variety