1. This is a nail art test of the ""box"" type on capsules.
  2. In addition to these test specific rules, the candidate mustrespect the general rules of the INJA competition and the rules common toall box-type events.
  3. All the capsules will be decorated.
  4. Expected work on decoration: the nail art must reflect the type of decorationtrend that is done in a nail bar or in an institute, it must bedesign and modern. No pictorial type of realization.
  5. The candidate must prepare a total of 10 capsules.
  6. The capsules must have different sizes and imitate the nailsof toes. An automatic penalty of 5 points will be applied to the final scorein case all the capsules are the same size.
  7. The capsules must be mounted separately on the black background and areto detach from each other.
  8. The nail art theme is freely chosen by the candidate. All capsulesmust be decorated.
  9. Competitors may use the following products: airbrush, acrylic,gel, paint (Micro art), varnish, semi-permanent varnish.
  10. Raw decorations assembled by the candidate are allowed (such asfake diamonds, pearls, ingots, metal sheets andholograms).
  11. Decals and prefabricated parts of nail art are not allowed3D or Fimo shapes.
  12. The candidate must use at least 3 decoration processes among those listedin points 11 and 12.
  13. All the nail art created must be entirely and exclusively made by thecompetitor.
  14. Each competitor must be prepared to explain verbally how eachelement was created at the request of the judges.
  15. In case of doubt as to the authenticity of the realization, the judges mayask the competitor to recreate some of the work submitted asproof.
  16. The nail art must occupy the majority of the nail surface.
  17. The created nail art must not exceed 1 cm above thesurface of the capsule or 5 points will be deducted from the final score.
  18. The 9 evaluation criteria are:
    1. the level of difficulty and complexityin the implementation,
    2. the general harmony of the composition and therepresentation of the theme by continuity on each nail,
    3. the balance of the design (the nail art must be fairly represented on allnails, and the surface of the capsules fully worked),
    4. the proper use ofthe color (harmony, contrasts...),
    5. the respect of the theme on each nailand an overall realization where all the capsules complement each other,
    6. thegraphic quality (the relief will be enhanced),
    7. design clarity (eachelement of the drawing must be identifiable),
    8. the originality in the choice of the themeor in its treatment if it is a subject already known,
    9. mastery in thedesign (no jolts visible in the drawing) and finishes (no gluein excess...).
  19. All criteria are rated from 1 to 10 each
  20. Total points that can be won for this event: 90