Competition Rules

  1. All general rules apply to this event
  2. This event must allow the competitors to show their mastery at the same timeof nail construction and their creativity.
  3. This test is performed on one hand only.
  4. The total time allowed for this competition is 2 hours
  5. For the event, the competitor has a table and two chairs. He mustbring your manicure equipment, table lamp, multiplug extension cordif it must connect several devices, and all the products necessary for therealization of the test.
  6. In addition to these race-specific rules, the competitor mustcomply with the provisions of the General Regulations
  7. The judgment will be based on a combination of technical andartistic. The following will be noted: on the one hand, the quality of the construction, and on the othercreativity and the use of colour.
  8. The nails will necessarily have a Stiletto shape where the tip of thethe nail ends in a fine point. No other form is allowed.
  9. The construction of the nail will necessarily be carried out on templates(capsules prohibited).
  10. The competitor is allowed to use gel or acrylic.
  11. All colours, including glitter, are allowed.
  12. Nail art: the theme is freely chosen by the competitor
  13. Nail art: the competitor can create all types of decor (gel - acrylic -...) anduse rhinestones to create an artistic element on the top of the nail,but hand painting will only account for 20% of the total score on allartistic rating criteria.
  14. Nail art: the elements must not exceed 5 mm in height.
  15. A finishing gel must be applied
  16. The use of an electric sander is allowed
  17. Cuticle oil is allowed
  18. The application of oil with the sander is allowed.
  19. Pinch tools, c-curve sticks and all types of tools usedto create an appropriate structure are allowed
  20. All construction work and nail art must be created at the time of thecompetition
  21. The natural nail can be prepared until the primer is applied
  22. All decorative elements must be made ofby hand (artistic decals or pre-assembled elements of any kindprohibited)
  23. Competitors ARE ALLOWED to pre-size or cut the forms prior to the competition.
    Doubling the form is allowed.
    Metal supports are allowed and can be added to the form prior to the competition
  24. Total possible points for a hand 95.


The technical judgment

  1. Nail structure:

    • 5 points per category
    • 1 point to be won per nail
    • Each nail is judged separately
    • 1 point if all criteria are met
    • ½ authorized points

    Category: convex

    • The outer contour of the nail shape must be completely symmetrical.
    • The surface of the nail must not be imperfect or appear to be imperfect irregular.
    • The judge will examine the nail by looking at the nail head and check zone 3 and from a perspective on the back side, he'll check area 2.
    • The convex or nail surface must be symmetrically curved in the entire nail until it reaches zone 1.
    • The nail can earn a ½ point for each correct area

    Category: concave

    • The inner contour of the free edge must be completely symmetrical and concentric.
    • The concave of the nail should look like the inside of a tunnel while along the free edge that is visible to the eye or until the stick of the Ccurve touches the tip of the finger on the underside.
    • The concave must represent symmetry and be concentric. The nail can earn one ½ point for each correct zone.

    Category: arch and Apex

    • The high point (apex) of the arch should not be too apparent.
    • There should be a subtle and progressive slope that is located in such a way constant in the second area of each nail.
    • The whole arch, including the apex, should not be too apparent or appear too much. flat.
    • The arch should not be located too far forward or backward when you look at it the entire nail from a profile point of view.
    • The nail can earn a ½ point for each of these two criteria which are necessary.

  2. Nail shape:

    • 5 points per category
    • 1 point to be won per nail
    • Each nail is judged separately
    • 1 point if all criteria are met
    • ½ points allowed if one out of two areas meets the criterion for one nail

    Category: Thickness of the free edge Sides

    • The free edge must not measure more than 1.5 mm up to the natural nail (take measurement with a scaler from the centre of zone 3, performed by the judge).
    • TheThe judge will take 3 measurement points to check the perfect lateral symmetry of the nail in its width. 1/2 point is assigned for each criterion.

    Category: Sides Nail surface

    • The sides of the nail must be symmetrical. Beyond the natural plate, the edge must extend directly to a high point.
    • No irregularities in the construction of the lateral edge.
    • The side edge must be filed correctly and softly.
    • ½ stitch by stitch well done.

    Category: Nail surface

    • The surface of the nail (outside the 3D decoration area) must be completely smooth.
    • None of them mark or irregularity must not be apparent.
    • The top coat must be applied uniformly.
    • 1 point per nail.

    Category: Uniformity

    • ½ points if all the nails have a similar style shape.
    • The extension must be straight with respect to the nail and not with respect to the finger.
    • The hand will be turned so that the nail is examined from the perspective before.
    • If the nail has been built correctly and the shape seems to follow the nail natural, nails earn a ½ point.

  3. Nail length

    • 5 points to be won in total
    • 1 point per nail
    • The length is measured from the cuticle to the end of the free edge.
    • The index finger, middle finger and ring finger must be exactly the same length.
    • The inch and the little finger must be the same length.

  4. Application and finishing

    • 5 total points to be won
    • 1 point per nail (½ points allowed)
    • each nail is judged separately

    Underside and surface of the nail

    • ½ point if the underside of the nail is clean
    • no product residue, dust or excess product
    • if a top coat or sealer is applied on the free edge, no excess product
    • the application must be smooth to earn ½ point
    • no filing marks, sanding machines or excess product that damages the appearance of the free edge


    • no injury or irritation to the cuticles
    • No excess product in the cuticle area
    • No apparent ditch at the edge of the construction sheet
    • No excessive image
    • 1 point per nail if all criteria are met, ½ point if 2 criteria at less are filled in

    Product control

    • the application of the products must be correct and well defined to earn ½ point
    • no air bubbles or irregularities in the application to earn ½ point

    High gloss finish

    • The high gloss finish should cover the entire nail surface.
    • The brightness must be maximum ( ""mirror"" effect)
    • The sides, cuticle area and free edge will be noted
    • If there are some minor demarcations, they will not be penalizing if there are there is maximum brilliance
    • If a sealer is applied, it must be completely neutralized
    • The sealer must not be dull or sticky on the surface
    • All the remaining sticky layer must be removed
    • 1 point per correct nail

    The artistic judgment

    • The artistic quality of the production is at the free discretion of the judges by according to their experience in competition
    • Artistic quality is rated from 1 to 10 points per criterion (3 criteria listed below)


    • All nails must present an artistic creation and contribute to the entire project
    • Each nail must have an artistic element on the surface and on the nail

    Overall impression

    • The creation must be spread over all the nails without favouring some of them
    • The difficulty must be equal between all the nails
    • All nails must make an artistic contribution to the whole

    Level of difficulty

    • The level of difficulty will be assessed according to the candidate's division