1. This is a "box" type test on capsules.
  2. In addition to these test specific rules, the candidate must respect the general rules of the INJA competition and the rules common to all box-type events.
  3. The candidate must prepare a total of 10 capsules.
  4. The theme is free.
  5. The capsules must have different sizes by imitating the nails of a hand. An automatic penalty of 5 points will be applied to the final score on the in which case all the capsules would be the same size.
  6. The shape and length of the capsules are free.
  7. The capsules must be mounted together on the black background (side by side) of to create a whole.
  8. This is an exclusively flat nail art event.
  9. For decoration are only allowed the following 5 media: airbrush, acrylic, gel, and any hand decoration technique such as painting and gel paint.
  10. No decorative elements in relief reported (such as rhinestones, shells, feather beads etc.) is allowed.
  11. It is forbidden to use decals, any decorative element must be flat and strictly handmade by the candidate. In case of doubt, the judge may question the candidate about his or her method of execution, or even ask him or her to recreate an element.
  12. A description explaining the realization by detailing the media used must be submitted, it must be written in French or English.
  13. The box is rated according to 10 criteria, each individually rated from 1 to 10.
  14. The 10 criteria are:
    1. the level of difficulty/complexity in the implementation
    2. the general composition (one waits to read a ""story"" of a nail to nail, each nail must represent the theme individually but also to contribute to the whole),
    3. balance in the realization (good use of space on the capsule, no irregular work on each capsule and from one capsule to another, no empty spaces),
    4. the correct use of colour (harmonies and contrasts),
    5. the treatment of the theme (continuity of the theme on all capsules, different treatment of the theme on each capsule),
    6. the graphic quality,
    7. the realism of the drawing (possibility to identify each element, and to identify the theme),
    8. the originality of the theme or its treatment if it is a known topic,
    9. the first overall impression,
    10. the use of the different media (consistent and artistic use of media).
  15. Total points to be won: 100