Competition Rules

  1. For this competition, the competitor has a table and two chairs. He mustbring your manicure equipment, table lamp, multiplug extension cordif it must connect several devices, and all the products necessary for therealization of the test.
  2. In addition to these race-specific rules, the competitor mustcomply with the provisions of the General Regulations.
  3. The time for this test is 1 hour 30 minutes (90 minutes).
  4. This is a manicure test on natural nails only. All of themmanicure tools are allowed and must be placed on the tablebefore the start of the event.
  5. The model must be presented with unmanicured nails and inThis point will be checked before the start of the competition.
  6. The application of a lotion or massage is not necessary. The ruleshygiene must be respected.
  7. If the judges consider that the nails have been manicured for less than one yearweek, a penalty of 5 points will be applied.
  8. The nails will be covered, at the candidate's choice, with gel or semi-varnishpermanent color. Classic nail polish is not allowed.
  9. The candidate will make a trendy decoration of his choice, by handexclusively (gel painting allowed). All colours are allowed,without limitation in the number of colours used.
  10. Are allowed to complete the nail art: rhinestones, pearls, cutting paper,glue shapes, glitter, threads. Glue is allowed.
  11. No pre-assembled components should be used. All decoration must beentirely designed during the competition.
  12. A top coat must be applied.
  13. All nail shapes are allowed.
  14. The maximum number of points to be won is 100.


  • A maximum of 10 points are awarded per category and for each nail.
  • Each nail is judged separately.
  • For each category, a nail can earn 1 point if it satisfies all the rating criteria for the category.
  • The categories noted are: nail shape, cuticle care, underside of the nail, the surface of the nail, the shine, the application of the color gel.

Nail shape

  • The shape of the nails must be consistent and uniform.
  • The end of the free edge must not not be irregular.
  • All forms are allowed but must comply with a symmetry.
  • The free edge must be straight in relation to the nail.


  • The skin must not show cuts, wounds or irritations.
  • The cuticles must be worked on with care.
  • The skin must be properly repelled and the whole thing look clean.
  • The eponychium must not be cut or removed in any way excessive.

Under the nail

  • The underside of the nail must be clean (no residue or excess dust).
  • The gels must be cleaned.
  • If oil has been applied, it must not be applied to be found in excess under the nail.

Nail surface

  • No trace of image or demarcation should appear on the surface of the nail.
  • The surface must be completely smooth and free of irregularities.
  • No excess of the product must not be on the lateral edges of the nail, at the junction with the nail natural.


  • A glossy sealer must be applied to the entire nail.
  • None of them application irregularity (bubble) must not appear, the gel must be perfectly cleaned.
  • The top of the nail should not be sticky at all.

The application of coloured gel/VSP

  • The product must completely cover the nail. The product must be applied uniformly without trace.
  • The colour must be consistent without transparency.
  • The colour must be applied completely uniformly around cuticles, at ½ maximum millimetre of the skin.
  • The end of the free edge must be completely covered.
  • Under no circumstances should the gel be applied to the cuticle.

Artistic rating criteria

  • A score from 1 to 10 points is given overall on the artistic part.
  • This rating is freely given by the judges who are empowered, by their experience, to evaluate the work presented.

The following criteria will be taken into account:

  • Level of difficulty:
    • overall complexity of nail art
    • making a difficult nail art on each nail
    • degree of expertise required to produce the nail art
  • Color:
    • choice of colour consistent with the chosen theme
    • colour harmony
    • uniform presentation or with a gradation on all 10 nails
    • the colours must be matched and at the same time create effects contrasting
  • Originality:
    • the realization must be based on an original idea
    • if the theme is not original, its treatment must be innovative
  • Creativity:
    • in the use of all products used for the realization
    • in the complementarity of the style and work carried out
    • in the way in which decorative elements, if any, are used