1. This is a nail art test of the "box" type on capsules.
  2. In addition to these test specific rules, the candidate must respect the general rules of the INJA competition and the rules common to all box-type events.
  3. This nail art test is based on the combined use of at least 3 decoration media.
  4. All the capsules will be decorated.
  5. The candidate must prepare a total of 10 capsules.
  6. The capsules must have different sizes by imitating the nails of a hand. An automatic penalty of 5 points will be applied to the final score on the in which case all the capsules would be the same size.
  7. The capsules can be mounted either separately or together on the black background.
  8. All entries must be accompanied by a description typed of the work done, indicating in particular which media were used used. The description must be written in English or in the language kindergarten in the host country where the competition is organised.
  9. Competitors must use 3 of the 5 artistic media airbrush, acrylic, gel, hand painting (Micro art), elements such as rhinestones, pearls, ingots, decal sheets and crushed shells.
  10. If the candidate does not use three different media, a deduction of 5 points will be applied for each missing media.
  11. The 3 media must be used on each nail separately.
  12. All three media must be used artistically, otherwise they will not be used. not be accounted for.
  13. Candidates are not allowed to use artistic decals or prefabricated 3D nail art elements or Fimo shapes in competition of Mixed Media Box.
  14. All the nail art created must be entirely and exclusively made by the competitor.
  15. Each competitor must be prepared to explain verbally how each element was created at the request of the judges.
  16. In case of doubt as to the authenticity of the realization, the judges may ask the competitor to recreate some of the work submitted as proof.
  17. All nail art work counts for the notation including, if any, all realization of nail art that protrudes outside the capsule. The nail art created shall not exceed 1 cm above the capsule or 1 cm outside the surface of the capsule. Failing this, a penalty of 5 points will be applied to the final score.
  18. The 10 rating criteria are:
    1. the level of difficulty and complexity in the implementation,
    2. the general harmony of the composition and the representation of the theme by continuity on each nail,
    3. the balance of the design (the nail art must be fairly represented on all nails, and the surface of the capsules fully worked),
    4. the proper use of the color (harmony, contrasts...),
    5. the respect of the theme on each nail with an overall realization where all the capsules complement each other,
    6. the graphic quality (the relief will be enhanced),
    7. design clarity (each element of the drawing must be identifiable),
    8. the originality in the choice of the theme or in its treatment if it is a topic already known,
    9. the way in which the 3 media are combined (use of 3 media that must complement each other harmoniously, creativity in the realization),
    10. mastery in the design (no jolts visible in the drawing) and finishes (no glue in excess...).
  19. Each criterion is scored from 1 to 10.
  20. Total points that can be won for this event: 100