Competition Rules

  1. All entries may be submitted for any of the Nailympics competitions multiple times.
  2. Once the entree has taken 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any division at any of the Nailympion competitions it can not longer be submitted.
  3. No repeat trophied entries from past years are allowed.
  4. Pictures will be available from past competitions for judge’s reference.
  5. The Fantasy competition will be prepared by the competitor prior to the competition.
  6. The model must be complete with the costume, make-up and nails on. The model should be completely finished and reading for judging when arrived.
  7. It is not necessary for the competitor to be present during the actual judging. Competitors that are competing in other competitions during the time of judging May choose to present their model and then leave them for judging so that they can still compete in the hands on competition taking place at the same time.
  8. Only the model and competitor are allowed on the competition floor for judging.
  9. Every competitor should be prepared to verbally explain how something was created, if asked by the judges.
  10. Competitors may only submit their own work.
  11. All entrees may be questioned and the competitor asked to recreate a portion of the work submitted as proof.
  12. Three dimensional, pre-cast embellishments, feathers, decals, gems, accessories, ornaments or any form of fantasy is allowed.
  13. Keep in mind the costume is a large part of this competition
  14. This competition stresses creativity, difficulty and how well the theme of the entire design is recognizable and “makes sense” or goes together, all adding to the theme.

Judges Instructions

  • Criteria is scored as a total scored
  • All criteria points awarded are from 1-10
  • Scores are determined by the judges educated opinion based on the specifics of each criteria

Judges Criteria

Level of Difficulty

  • The complexity of the design is evaluated on it’s degree of expertise.
  • Is the art executed without any elaboration (simple) or is there more difficulty and expertise put into the making of the design?


  • How all the parts and pieces of your complete design are put together.
  • The design should flow from each nail so that the eye is drawn from nail to nail.
  • The nails individually represent the complete design.


  • The design should not be too busy or too sparse.
  • The art should look evenly balanced on each nail and from nail to nail.
  • There should not be large portions on the surface of the nail left without design.

Use of Color

  • The colors chosen should complement the design and flow throughout or graduate through all 10 nails.

Continuity of Theme

  • The theme should be carried through the design in some manner on each nail.
  • The design should compliment and have continuance from nail to nail while representing the theme.

Graphic Quality

  • Are the graphics created with dimension or are they flat?
  • There should be dimension in the artwork.

Clarity of Design

  • The design must be apparent and identifiable.
  • You should be able to identify what you are looking at on each nail


  • The theme or design should be something you have not seen before.
  • If seen before, it should be done in a manner that is in a new, creative and unusual use of of art media.

Overall Workmanship

  • Components painted entirely & smoothly.
  • No visual excess glue.
  • All creations are cleanly finished.


  • How good is the costume?
  • It should portray the theme well.
  • This criteria is scored based on your opinion on how well the costume was put together and how well it represents the theme.


  • The design appears completely finished on each nail
  • No art work was left unfinished. Artwork that wasn’t finished being completely executed Example: face with no lips or eyes, car without the tires, dog without a tail


  • Creative use of embellishments, stripers, paint, color powders & glitters.
  • There should be a creative collaboration of art that is used.
  • There should be a creative manner in which the embellishments are used to reach the design.

3-D Presentation

  • There should be 3D art is present on each nail
  • The 3D art should be presented with clean application
  • The 3D should be created with unique style